slow1 W2S2 [sləu US slou] adj comparative slower superlative slowest
1¦(not quick)¦
2¦(taking too long)¦
3¦(with delay)¦
4¦(longer time)¦
7¦(not clever)¦
8 slow on the uptake
9 slow off the mark
10 do a slow burn
11 slow handclap
12 a slow oven
[: Old English; Origin: slaw]
1.) ¦(NOT QUICK)¦
not moving, being done, or happening quickly
≠ ↑quick, fast ↑fast
The car was travelling at a very slow speed.
a slow walker
The economy faces a year of slower growth.
Take a few deep, slow breaths.
We got on the slow train (=one that stops at a lot of places) by mistake.
taking too long
≠ ↑fast
Taylor was concerned at the slow progress of the investigations.
The legal system can be painfully slow (=much too slow) .
slow to do sth
The wound was slow to heal.
3.) ¦(WITH DELAY)¦ [not before noun]
if you are slow to do something, you do not do it as soon as you can or should
slow to do sth
Farmers have been slow to exploit this market.
Their attitude was slow to change.
slow in doing sth
He has been slow in announcing the name of his successor.
New ideas have been slow in coming.
taking a longer time than something similar
≠ ↑fast
the slow train (=one that stops at more stations)
5.) ¦(BUSINESS)¦
if business or trade is slow, there are not many customers or not much is sold
Business is often slow in the afternoon.
The company is experiencing slow sales.
6.) ¦(CLOCK)¦ [not before noun]
if a clock or watch is slow, it is showing a time earlier than the correct time
≠ ↑fast
ten minutes/five minutes etc slow
The clock is about five minutes slow.
7.) ¦(NOT CLEVER)¦
not good or quick at understanding things
Teaching assistants have time to help the slower pupils.
8.) slow on the uptake
not quick to understand something new
Sometime Tim's a little slow on the uptake.
9.) slow off the mark
not quick enough at reacting to something
10.) do a slow burn
AmE informal to slowly get angry
Tony fumbled the ball and I could see the coach doing a slow burn.
11.) slow handclap
BrE if a group of people give someone a slow handclap, they ↑clap their hands slowly to show their disapproval
12.) a slow oven
an ↑oven that is at a low temperature
a slow film does not react to light very easily
>slowness n [U]
slow 2
slow2 W2S2 v
also slow down/up [I and T]
to become slower or to make something slower
Her breathing slowed and she fell asleep.
Ian slowed up as he approached the traffic lights.
slow down phr v
1.) to become slower or to make something slower
Growth in sales has slowed down.
slow sth/sb<=>down
The ice on the road slowed us down.
2.) to become less active or busy than you usually are
It is important to slow down, rest, and eat sensibly.
slow 3
slow3 adv comparative slower superlative slowest
If you go slower, you'll see much more.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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